romanian speaking azawakhs

INSOLENS is a small Azawakh kennel established in 2002 în Tîrgu-Mureș, Romania on Aulad al Sahra, de Garde-Epee & kel Dahoussahaq lines. My aim is to preserve the unique type of the Azawakh with a focus on the proportions, high and oblique croup, ascending top line, long neck, almond shaped eyes and distinctive temperament. I am neither a close inbreeding supporter nor a permanent outcross fan but a follower of the traditional line breeding methods. I am not aiming at the show over-type of some highly inbred lines at the price of health, neither at the health of some heterogenous new imports at the price of beauty but at the archetypal Azawakh. - Cristian V.

Dr. Cristian Vantu, 21 Oituzului str. 540023 Tirgu-Mures, Romania | 40727444044